Glexo SPS
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Glexo SPS
Glexo SPS

Glexo SPS  (Surface Preparation System) - disposable wet wipes for ultra deep cleaning of the surface of the car body from pollution. PDR technicians have come across situations where the adhesion when you working with hot or cold glue is not as good as you would like. This may be due to the age of the paintwork, when dirt penetrates the paint over time, or when the car is coated with protective polymer compounds (such as ceramics).  
Glexo SPS easily fixes this! The adhesion will be fantastic! No flammable or dangerous impregnations inside, a special water-based polymer composition is used. The solution is universal, convenient and cheap!  
50pcs in box.



Easy to use
Quick, intuitive learning
Safe for paintwork, health and environment
High efficiency
Significantly increases the speed of work
Suitable for professionals of any level
Unsurpassed productivity
Instant strong adhesion combined with easy removal, smooth lifting without spending

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