Rectangular PDR Tab 76x30mm (3''x1.2")

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  • Gross weight
  • MetricInch
  • 2.8 / 7.6 / 3.0 1.1 / 2.99 / 1.18
  • 136 0.3
Additional Information:

The rectangular tab for PDR cold glue Glexo v2 has a size of 76x30mm /3"x1.2" and is used in PDR to work with Glexo cold glue. The tab is made of high-strength stainless steel, has a great appearance and high reliability. The working surface is polished to improve the adhesion of cold PDR glue, which eliminates its separation from the tab during operation.

The tab is equipped with a patented proprietary quick fastening system with an O-ring for reliable and quick fixation. Fastening to the slide hammer is simple and intuitive, it is carried out by twisting movements after inserting the asymmetric nut of the tab into the seat of the slide hammer.

The tab can be used with any PDR slide hammer, however, it is not recommended to use hammers with an aluminum alloy head due to the high risk of damage during operation. The best efficiency is demonstrated with slide hammers with a weight of 2kg/4.5lb without damping inserts.

Before applying cold glue to the tab, it is recommended to clean and degrease the work surface, then heat it to a temperature of 70-90C / 160-190, and apply cold glue to the heated surface. This will ensure fast and reliable adhesive adhesion to the tab.

When working, always fix the tab securely on the slide hammer with the first action, and only after that glue the tab to the place of work, using rotational screwing movements. Please note that a different procedure, as well as loose fixation, may cause damage to the car when the slide hammer jumps off.

For the best adhesion, it is recommended to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface. For best results, use PDR wipes Glexo SPS.

When working, the rectangular tab for PDR cold glue Glexo v2 does not create accentuated effects on the working surface, but evenly lifts the surrounding metal. This property makes it especially effective when it is necessary to return the original shape to large areas of metal during the initial lifting on large dents, smooth finishing when restoring the shape. If necessary, the tab can be used by partial pasting, placing it at an angle. This technique allows you to effectively restore the shape along the geometric lines of the body.

The tab is stored with cold PDR glue applied to it. To prevent contamination of the adhesive or its adhesion, use the anti-adhesive films Glexo.

This PDR tool has a 12-month warranty.