Blending Hammer (4oz/115g)

  • Measures:
  • Packaging material:
  • Packing size:
  • Gross weight
  • MetricInch
  • 7.0 / 40.0 / 2.0 2.76 / 15.75 / 0.79
  • 115 0.25
Additional Information:

Glexo light blending hammer is a professional hammer for PDR technicians who prefer to work with light weight. A very unusual design and amazing ergonomics will make this tool not only your indispensable assistant, but also an adornment of your workshop

The hammer is the lightest in the product line and weighs 4 oz/ 115 grams. The length of the handle is 15 inches / 40 centimeters.

The handle is made of elite wood, providing a delightful appearance, tactile pleasant surface and optimal weight for work. The shape of the handle of the blending hammer has an extension for the convenience of gripping, which provides a reduction in the load on the wrist joint during operation. The handle has formed orthogonal faces to prevent torsion in the hand and improve control during operation.

The head is made of steel of the martensitic-ferritic class, the main properties of which are excellent resistance to abrasion and shock loads, high strength, resistance to aggressive environmental influences. The impact parts are polished to a mirror shine. The side surfaces of the metal part are made flat and can be used for settling metal using cores, which allows you to increase the speed of work.

This hammer will become your indispensable assistant, providing not only convenience in work and high productivity, but also being a decent decoration of your workplace!

The handle of any hammer can be individually made according to your wishes on the basis of the basic shape. We can change the length, proportions based on your requirements. To discuss the details and cost, please contact us.