Mini Set v2 - 2 tabs and cold glue for PDR

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Additional Information:

Glexo Mini set is a medium version of Glexo Cold Glue Set, which is intended for specialists who solve common problems in repairs.

Glexo sets are designed to assist PDR and body repair technicians. Glexo DPR cold glue system is an innovative solution that allows you to significantly speed up the execution of typical work and increase the profitability of repairs.

The system is based on a unique adhesive composition (also called "PDR cold glue") with non-Newtonian properties. The adhesive composition is applied to the metal PDR tabs Glexo and used together with them to repair dents at different stages of work. The system can be used to solve a wide range of tasks. It shows itself perfectly both at the initial stage of work, when it is required to quickly restore the shape, and at the final stages, which require the most careful actions.

A distinctive feature of Glexo PDR cold glue system is extremely high adhesive properties, long service life, wide temperature range of application, the ability to use tabs with any slide hammers. All Glexo PDR tabs are equipped with the patented proprietary Glexo fastening system, which allows you to quickly and securely fix the tab in the seat of the slide hammer. The patented O-ring solution used in the second version of Glexo provides a reliable long-term fixation for safe working. In the proposed new version of the Glexo sets, the tabs is also equipped with a reinforced thread with a larger diameter for the highest loads.

The Glexo Mini set includes 2 different types of PDR tabs for different tasks:
1. Large Rectangular tab. Designed to create a distributed effort without concentration of impact. Allows you to evenly raise areas of damage without creating accents.
2. Small Round tab. Designed to create concentrated effort with a concentration of impact on small areas. Allows you to locally lift small areas of damage without affecting adjacent areas, creating an emphasis in the center of the tab.

How to prepare a cold glue set for work:
-We carefully prepare the surface of the metal PDR tabs so that the adhesion of the cold glue is excellent. But we recommend carefully degreasing the tab before applying.
-The amount of cold glue that needs to be used is determined by what task you are solving. The more adhesive is applied to the tab, the smoother the result will be. We recommend using such an amount that the composition covers the tab with a thickness of about 7mm/0,3".
-To ensure excellent adhesion of cold glue to the tab and prevent it from peeling off, heat the tab with a heat gun to a temperature of about 70C/160F before applying. Press the composition tightly against the tab and place part of the composition on the edges of the tab.
-No need to remove cold glue from the tab after work every time, use the supplied anti-adhesive films to store the tabs with the applied composition.

How to work with Glexo system :
-Choose a tab based on the task. Keep in mind that round tabs effectively pull the metal in the center, while rectangular ones lift it evenly over a wide area.
-Glexo Mini kit contains large tabs that best reveal their potential with a heavy slide hammers.
-Glexo tabs are suitable for any PDR slide hammer that is used in industry. Important - Glexo system is not recommended for use with aluminum slide hammers to avoid hammer head breakage.
-First, the tab should be fixed in the PDR slide hammer and only after that it should be glued to the place of work. It is this procedure that will protect you from accidental damage to the paintwork of the car with a PSR slide hammer.
-Be sure to tighten the threaded assembly of the tab fixing in the hammer firmly before working. The tabs contain O-rings, which are designed to prevent the tab from unwinding, but this does not eliminate the need to control the tab in the landing socket of the hammer during operation.
-The sharper the blow you make, the more obvious the effect will be.
-Tabs can be used not with a full surface, but for example at an angle, with partial contact with the surface, if a specific effect is required.

What you should pay attention to when working with PDR cold glue:
-Preparation of the surface of the part is very important for high efficiency of work. Be sure to clean the surface from dirt, degrease. Use Glexo SPS for deep cleaning.
-You can shape the cold glue directly on the tab, this allows you to change the nature of the impact and the shape of the impact. For example, if you give the composition the shape of a pyramid on a round tab, the result will be more pronounced.
-If you need to get a particularly strong effect, then you can warm up the repaired surface with a heat gun

Important - Glexo cold glue system is not recommended for use with aluminum slide hammers to avoid breakage of slide hammer head.

Glexo Mini set comes with a 1-year warranty.

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