Glexo PDR Cold Glue (up to 86°F/30°C)

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  • 2.3 / 11.0 / 3.0 0.91 / 4.33 / 1.18
  • 100 0.22
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Adhesive composition (PDR cold glue) Glexo is perfect for normal application temperatures below 86°F/30°C. It promises unwavering performance across all tasks and conditions.

This PDR cold glue is designed for use with Glexo metal PDR tabs, but it can also be applied separately using specific techniques. A key characteristic of this glue is its significant non-Newtonian behavior. In other words, when you apply a quick force, the glue becomes much harder, allowing the maximum power from the PDR tool to be transferred to the surface being repaired. The leftover glue is then removed from the surface along with the majority on the tab. If you need to detach the PDR cold glue from the surface that's being fixed, you should avoid sudden movements and separate it smoothly.

The stickiness of the cold glue is heavily influenced by temperature, so if you're using it in cooler conditions, it's advised to warm the glue in your hands until it becomes noticeably tacky. It's also crucial to thoroughly prepare the surface that needs fixing by getting rid of any dirt. To deep clean the surface and get the best stickiness, we highly recommend using Glexo SPS wipes . If the glue gets dirty, you can rinse it in water with a bit of alkaline soap.

The warranty and lifespan of the formula is 1 year.

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