Sonic Soft Solo Narrow PDR tip

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Additional Information:

Sonic Soft Solo Narrow is a PDR tip with many rounded spikes for working with internal damage access. Due to the large contact area and rounded spikes, they greatly accelerate the work on typical multiple simple damages, such as hail damage. They are used with the classic soft pressure technique. Due to the oblong shape, it allows you to work effectively at the edges of the parts and along the amplifiers.

SONIC Soft is a great PDR tool, an interchangeable PDR tip designed to work fast, easily and efficiently with deep hail dents and other damages that have areas of stretched metal.

The thorough calculated geometry of location and shape of Sonic's spikes help to get back the metal into its original shape and always affects the deepest fragments of the repaired area, evenly distributing force, reduces the risk of push marks. This unique PDR tip significantly increases the speed and safety of repairs, compensates for inaccurate movements, allows you to work with minimal light shifts, simplifies work at final stage when restoring the orange peal structure. It works perfectly on steel and aluminum.

Glexo Sonic Soft is made of high quality carbon steel. For giving high hardness and wear resistance, each product is tempered in a vacuum environment.

Glexo Sonic Solo Narrow tip comes with a 1 year warranty.

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